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Pralar is a global marketing company that offers comprehensive solutions for the supply of materials, equipment and services for the electrical industry, with personalized service and assistance to our clients throughout the international purchasing process, being also exclusive representatives of the Argentine brand of TTE transformers.

We are committed to achieving high standards in purchasing and selling service through the continuous search and development of new suppliers to ensure competitive prices, satisfying the technical needs and commercial expectations of clients and interested parties; always ensuring compliance with current applicable legal regulations.

We are a multidisciplinary team that constantly develops and trains to seek permanent improvement of internal processes, adding value to each task, preserving relationships with clients and suppliers, and making the entire operation more efficient and profitable. With market knowledge and access to differential rates, we seek to actively influence the growth of the companies that work with us.

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PRALAR SA is a company related to the manufacturer of power and distribution transformers TTE based in Argentina, operating as its international logistics and trade network.


Identification of suppliers, negotiation of sales and delivery conditions.

We provide assistance in the delivery of the product according to the customer’s needs, offering a comprehensive door-to-door service.

With the aim of helping to face the growing challenges of quality, safety, social responsibility and sustainability, we offer the possibility of certifying the material prior to its dispatch from origin.

Possibility of accessing competitive prices by joining our network of international agreements

International representative of the main materials.

We assist in the search for suppliers that adapt to the client’s needs.

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